Zeljan Pavic, enformel artist from Kastav, Croatia, launched “Under The Surface”

Kastav, a picturesque town located above the city of Rijeka, Croatia, with a beautiful view of the Kvarner Bay, is known for its intriguing architecture, diverse landscapes, and one-of-a-kind offerings for tourists and patrons of the arts.

There, among the numerous hidden gems that Kastav has to offer, enformel artist Zeljan Pavic is making artistic waves in his workshop in the very center of the old city.

Pavic’s sophisticated and profound enformel art expression is a source of joy for tourists and locals. He frequently appears in the postings of Croatian bloggers and influencers who have been to Kastav, on the hill above Rijeka, Croatia, and visited his unique atelier.

Indeed, Pavic has a deep affection for Kastav, and he takes every opportunity to showcase its splendors in his artwork. In light of this, he was named an honorary citizen of Kastav in November 2021 .

But this is by no means accidental because Zeljan Pavic is undoubtedly one of the most prominent representatives of enformel painting in Croatia for the last two decades. His images are intuitive and spontaneous, coming from deeper parts of his subconscious.

Through his art, he illustrates that people have many underlying components and that time is more than simply a collection of previous occurrences and recollections. His art strongly depicts a fantastical universe where mind and matter are in perfect harmony.

Zeljan Pavic exposes the reality in his enformel works by shattering conventions and getting to the heart of things. He demonstrates how there are many layers to who people are, how time encompasses much more than merely the past and memories, and how life is more complex than what meets the eye.

Without a doubt, Pavic is one of the finest Croatian enformel artists of the last two decades, whose creativity and ingenuity reveal that there is a larger, more complex, and mystical world beneath the surface.

He provides a window into the soul, assisting in getting to know ourselves to help unravel the mysteries and mystique of being human.

Moreover, Pavic has entered the associative zone in the paradigmatic plane thanks to his extraordinary cycle of paintings titled “Under The Surface,” which dominates beyond figurative shapes.

This is a case where the artistic aspect is crucial; his works have a sumptuous energy potential owing to the contrast between the light and dark areas and the relief of selected aspects.

Furthermore, Pavic is well-known for his compositional sets, which can be balanced, but, more often than not, lean towards incoherence. Indeed, when Pavic finally figured out how to create boundless energy in his paintings, he elevated the Croatian enformel scene to new heights.

Recognized for his accomplishments in enformel painting, Croatia-born Zeljan Pavic is a household name. He pays close attention to the paint itself in his compositions, giving the impression that the creation of specific works is more related to a sculptural process than a painting.

The depth in Pavic’s images comes from the use of thick layers of materials (paste and paint) and the addition of non-painting elements like mesh, canvas, twine, newspaper, and the like.

In his pursuit of excellence, Zeljan Pavic convincingly incorporated old techniques into his enformel expression.

However, his novel and experimental approach led to a true aesthetic revolution in Croatian enformel painting in recent years. An original style was produced that is both genuine and profound. Moreover, recognizing the potential of modern technologies, Pavic decided to preserve and exhibit his art in the digital form of NFT, showcasing his unique enformel artworks in a series titled “Under The Surface.”

Pavic relentlessly probes and refines artistic discourse as a painter and augments his conclusions while preserving a sense of expressive visual continuity.

His paintings are characterized by the use of expressive brushwork and the layered application of monochromatic elements. Stylistic evidence of brushes, spatulas, shrunken dry layers, and the occasional dribbling of liquid deposits can be found in a number of structuralist modalities he mastered. A particular rusticity and textural richness make up its components.

Zeljan Pavic received the City of Kastav Award for 2022 for his achievements in the field of fine arts, the valorization of the historical core of Kastav in the cultural and tourist segment, and the promotion of Kastav in the homeland and abroad.

Not only is his name consistently at the top of lists as one of the leading authorities of Croatian enformel in the past twenty years, but his research of the interplay between color, shape, and space makes him an exceptional artist of world significance.

Pavic is considered an outstanding painter who faithfully depicts his native surroundings with every brushstroke, tint, and shade. Because of this, every single one of his works represents the pinnacle of artistic achievement.

Zeljan Pavic has been consistently among the most recognized enformel artists in Croatia for the last two decades. He creates one-of-a-kind pieces by combining conceptual ideas with traditional painting techniques to convey secret or coded messages. His work deviates from the canon of academic painting, but its freshness and uniqueness win audiences repeatedly.

Therefore, and by any measure, a journey to Croatia would be lacking in experience if it did not include at least one excursion to the beautiful and historically significant town of Kastav, which dates back to the Middle Ages. The city has a lot to offer, but the well-known enformel artwork created by Zeljan Pavic, which is genuinely unmatched, is something that should be seen and experienced.


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