Revealed – The Reason Christchurch Roof Painting Had to Decline This Client

One of the worst things about being in the exterior painting and roof painting business is not being able to help some customers – on the rare occasion.

Sometimes it happens that there are disgruntled customers who come through who unfortunately are unable to help, because their roof is beyond re-coating as they left it unattended for to long instead of taking care of their roof.

Restoration is an upgrade and rejuvenation of an existing roof. Restoration work can be undertaken on various roof types, but the most commonly restored roofs are concrete tiles, metal tiles, pre-painted steel and long run metal roofing. Full restoration work normally includes: ? cleaning and removal of lichen ? repairs and/or re-pointing/re-mortaring and/or re-flashing ? replacement of damaged tiles or roof sheeting ? application of a coating system

Restoring and applying a colour coating system will extend the life of the roof as long as it is not left to long and improve its aesthetic appearance

Roof Painting Christchurch are very clear about what state a roof needs to be in, before it can be re-coated and when they encounter one that is beyond help, it can be a hard thing for the home owner to hear.

They wont re-coat a roof that they cant apply their full warranty to – and sometimes that means the roof needs a full replacement.

Unlike other companies, Roof Painting Christchurch do not re-roof, so there isn’t anything in it for them to say no. Many companies who do both, will push for a re-roof, as it generally involves far bigger sums of money (3-5X the cost of a re-coat).

Often people are after a quick patch up job as they intend selling, or are just wanting another couple of years life so they can budget to pay for a re-roof.

Whatever the reason, people would be silly to re-coat something that isn’t going to last, as guess who gets the blame when the roof does finally give up the ghost?

Yes – Roof Painting Christchurch can do a re-coat and contract out of all liability, should the roof fail in the short- medium term, but that doesn’t alleviate the disappointment to the home owner, should the roof fail and they are faced with significant re-roofing costs, ahead of when they thought they would.

The other thing to note, is that by simply getting on the roof and re-coating it, current damage can be amplified and the roofs end date is effectively “brought forward”.

So if Roof Painting Christchurch turns down a job as they deem the roof not worthy of a re-coat, be very careful about simply ringing around to find someone who will do it.

If there is someone who is prepared to put their name to a re-coat in this situation, be meticulous in understanding their warranty conditions and what they will and wont do, in the event of the roof failing ahead of expectations.

Roof Painting Christchurch has many years of expereince serving the people of Christchurch, backing up work and fixing the work of others…….Roof Painting Christchurch will most definitely be around for many more years doing the same.

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