Inu’s + Meme’s = MINU, Crypto World’s Most Unique Token to astonish the crypto in 2022.


A powerful token that combines the power of two and opens its users to the possibility and profitability of cryptocurrency

Kiili, Harju Oct 28, 2022 ( – CleverMinu, the world’s most unique cryptocurrency token, combines the complexity and uniqueness of the Inu and Meme tokens and gives the community the power to control the token’s price and supply. Unlike the Inu and Meme tokens, they decided to launch the CleverMinu with all the pecks of both coins without the usual asset volatility they both possessed.

Today, the CleverMinu token is the most secure and user-driven cryptocurrency to invest in. It feels like holding a token with multiple personalities.

User control is a crucial problem in the cryptocurrency community. With CleverMinu, the community makes all the decisions. Since the public sale started on 27th October, 13% of the total supply (130000000000 CLEVERMINU) in the first round, adding $13,000(130000000000X0.0000001$) to the liquidity pool. The community then sent 13% of the tokens to a “burning wallet” to increase the scarcity of their tokens and drive up their price.

Another 10%(10000000000 CLEVERMINU) of the total supply was acquired by the community for 0.000001$, adding 100,000USD(100000000000X0.000001$) to the liquidity pool, and 10% of the tokens were delivered to the burning wallet. To date, 46% of the total supply has been transferred to the burning wallet, stabilizing the token price and liquidity.

Now the sale is going on at 0.00001USD and moving upwards

CleverMinu is leveraging on years of experience and technology by creating the world’s most acceptable Decentralized Ecosystem that gives you the power of control for the next generation of crypto concepts flooding the space, including NFTs, rewards, decentralized exchanges, and more. Overall, the Minu and its community were created to eliminate the difficulties that many users face using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, especially with new tokens.

“It is mainly established and elected by the community for the community.” This has been done by the community, so that they can decide the market projections with the price and supply of the token, combining the best qualities of both INU and MEME tokens. That’s why we call it Meme + Inu = MINU.

We are truly excited about the possibilities and opportunities that the Minu token will offer to the crypto space. With 1 trillion tokens up for sale, we have a great future as the pioneer of this new tokenomic.”We are glad to make things better.” We give the gift to all our community members.

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About CleverMinu

As a community-based token, CleverMinu combines the intricacy and uniqueness of meme and Inu tokens, it is the most unique token in the world and gives holders the ability to control and preserve the value of their token. Our token offers users the possibility to automatically burn tokens to preserve their volatility in a very uncertain market, giving you the ability to manage their movement within our community.

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