Lip Fillers Balance Facial Features and Create a Youthful Look According To Dr. Robert W. Sheffield of SB Aesthetics Medical Spa in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA – The lip augmentation procedure can make one’s lips look fuller and younger. As one gets older, they develop lines and wrinkles on their face, especially around our lips. The breakdown of the skin’s own collagen and elastin is to blame. However, the greatest skincare habits should be incorporated in the twenties to assist promote longer-lasting youthfulness, in addition to a healthy, nutritional diet and plenty of water, which can make the skin look younger and firmer.

However, the average person probably isn’t aware of the best goods, and a modern lifestyle can be hard on one’s body. When wrinkles start to show around the lips, it may be time to consider lip augmentation.

Dr. Robert Sheffield, director of SB Aesthetics Medical Spa and an expert on lip injections Santa Barbara, has said, “I do not suggest lip augmentation operation for the patients who are not in excellent health.” Patients should be asked about any allergies they may have to medications or other health issues. But if one is noticing their lips sagging or beginning to show the telltale symptoms of aging, lip enhancement might be the treatment for them. With this easy, non-invasive process, they may have bigger, plumper lips in no time. Dermal fillers are the preferred method for augmenting the lips and mouth area. Hyaluronic acid (HA) lip fillers Santa Barbara are among the most widely used injectable lip enhancement solutions. The lips are injected with the natural substance that one’s body produces.

Dr. Sheffield discusses the full lip enhancement procedure and how lip fillers in Santa Barbara are a favorite among patients of all ages, but particularly those in their twenties and thirties. He believes that anyone in good health and physical condition can reap the benefits of lip injections.

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield on the Criticalness of the Injector’s Skills, Type of Filler and Final Results of Lip Injections

He went on to say that the fillers themselves are safe to inject into the necessary areas of one’s lips, but that the knowledge and training of the medical professional administering the procedure is just as important. Patients will notice a puffiness in their lips after a session ends. However, with time, this swelling goes down on its own. This puffy appearance of the lips following lip fillers can last for a day or more.

While he acknowledges the benefits of Lip Augmentation, he stresses the importance of patients asking detailed questions of their doctors beforehand. He insists that anyone considering getting fillers ought first think about the credentials and experience of the doctors treating them, the fillers’ actual names and contents, and the risks and adverse effects that might be associated with them. In addition, before beginning the procedure with a client, the practitioner must ensure that the client is completely free of all obstacles.

About Robert W. Sheffield, MD

SB Aesthetics Medical Spa director Dr. Robert W. Sheffield is a minimally invasive plastic surgeon and a third generation physician practicing in Santa Barbara. Most of his patients receive tumescent or local anesthetic, which he administers himself. One can get fillers or injectables done at his office for the best in facial rejuvenation and cosmetic results. For more details, visit at

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