Winning Center for Advancing Innovation Startup Filterbaby Scales Through Strategic Partnerships and NASA Trade Secrets

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Bethesda, Maryland Aug 22, 2022 ( – In July 2022, the Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) selected Filterbaby as a winner of its startup accelerator program, the Innovate Children’s Health Challenge II (ICHC II). Filterbaby is a biotechnology company with a mission to promote health by improving the quality of water, as well as providing the average consumer with clear and easy access to transparent water data. Filterbaby’s flagship product, a first-of-its-kind, faucet-mount water filter, has been tested and approved by dermatologists to improve skin health. Filterbaby has completed its first round of clinical trials, which included 35 participants. After two weeks of using Filterbaby, 63% of participants reported better skin hydration with 71% of participants saying they would never go back to using tap water again following the trial. By utilizing NASA trade secrets, Filterbaby’s all-female team of healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and Ph.D scientists will continue to research, innovate, and improve their products. With support from CAI, Filterbaby is also partnering with Children’s National Hospital with a goal to improve children’s skin conditions through water quality.

America’s tap water has several core problems: the use of chlorine and chloramine to disinfect, outdated federal standards that do not incorporate the latest research on chemicals and contaminants, and a lack of funding to replace existing pipelines, resulting in an average of 50,000 cases of tap water violations per year and leaving millions of Americans susceptible to questionable water. When we think of water filtration, we tend to focus on the water that we drink; however, the skin is the largest organ in our body and is just as susceptible to chemical and physical contaminants found in tap water. Research shows that chemicals in tap water, even when present in a minute concentration, correlate to negative health consequences in humans, many of which can be long-term. Filterbaby is focused on improving the quality of water we expose ourselves to through our skin.

Within the first two and half months of organic growth following its release, Filterbaby has landed in thousands of households across America, 90% of which are on a recurring subscription program. Filterbaby has also obtained an email and phone list of more than 40k by providing free tap water reports to its users. Additionally, Filterbaby has a cumulative social media following of 60k, has been shared over 500k times online, and received over 60 million video views, all of which was accomplished with organic growth and zero-cost marketing.

Moving forward, Filterbaby plans to tackle shower and bathtub filters, as well as incorporating A.I to provide personalization based on an individual’s age, skin type, and region. Filterbaby also plans to expand to international markets where water quality is known to be an issue.

Rosemarie Truman said, “We are exceedingly proud of Filterbaby, given the degree to which they have scaled so quickly and created new jobs, which supports the DMV and our Build to Scale grant from the Economic Development Administration. Moreover, we’re excited about the extraordinary benefit they will bring to future generations as well as their highly progressive innovation in both Research and Development through NASA trade secrets, partnership ingenuity and the genius of their management team.”


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