With PVE coming online, FantaVerse is about to bring a more advanced AAA metaverse gaming experience!


When the television appeaSeoul, South Korea Aug 20, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – red, our attention to the real world dropped to 85%; when the computer appeared, our attention dropped to 70%; when the cell phone appeared, our attention was only left at 50%. According to this trend, one day, our concentration in the real world will be reduced to 10%, or even lower. This moment will become the singularity of the meta-universe. Because at that moment, we will think that life in the virtual world is more important than real life. The meta-universe is the moment when people think life in the digital world is more valuable than life in the real world. It’s a gradual change. Eating can be paid for with QR-code, traveling can be paid for with a phone, clothing can be bought online, housing can be selected using AR, and time can be spent immersed in smart devices to play games, shop, and watch sports and socialize. All of this highlights that every vital part of people’s daily life is going digital.

The leader of digitalization is none other than games. As a comprehensive platform for shopping, socializing, leisure and entertainment, games are gradually becoming an integral part of people’s daily life. That’s why FantaVerse is committed to making games the best they can be. While most GameFi gaming experiences on the market today, such as Axie Infinity or Roblox and other metaverse Web3.0 gaming platforms, are 2D-based, FantaVerse hopes to bring players an authentic “OASIS” experience. Through the 3D AAAA gaming experience, FantaVerse tells players that FantaVerse is not only a game but also a space to live, work, relax, and go on vacation in.

FantaVerse was developed by FantaLabs, who spent a lot to create a new 3D game scene. Through excellent art features and robust technical capabilities, complemented by intelligent NPC interaction with FantaGlass and other smart hardware devices, the team has achieved an ultra-realistic game scene experience so that players feel as though they are in the “Ready Player One” movie. At the same time, FantaVerse’s Play2Earn economic model design is even more exquisite. Unlike other metaverse games, the primary purpose of FantaVerse’s P2E model is to reward players for their contributions to the ecosystem. In other words, players can earn tokens by building planets, cities, lands, etc., and it makes players’ contributions meaningful when playing, fighting, and designing. NFTs such as lands, characters, weapons, and skins will be given more valuable meaning and existence through the complete ecosystem.

FantaVerse PVE mode will soon debut as promised. In PVE, players can learn the stories of the 480 planets of FantaVerse by completing the game and fighting the big bosses. At the same time, players can also use FantaVerse Editor to make their games and build an interesting meta-universe together. So what kind of new experience will the newly launched version bring to players? Whether it’s more explosive fight scenes, more valuable post-battle rewards, more brutal big bosses, or the opening of new mysterious maps, let’s wait and see!

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