Deso NoCode Institute Presents Zirkels – A Web3 Powered Blogging Platform

The DeSo NoCode Institute has just announced the launch of Zirkels, its innovative new web3 blogging platform especially designed for users with little or no cryptocurrency experience. The site allows content creators to publish long-form articles that live on the Deso blockchain. Readers who appreciate the content can easily reward the creators who receive daily paychecks in their associated Deso wallet.

Ahead of the launch, the DeSo NoCode Institute is making public four as yet unreleased facts about Zirkels, its new web3 blogging platform, which is set to go live Monday, May 23rd.

The four items include nuggets such as:

Zirkels allows unlimited ad-free access to premium content published on the site. Any user can publish content for free and there are no costs associated with consuming the content. Users who wish to create their own blog or enjoy lower transaction fees can quickly and easily sign up for a paid plan.

The idea for creating Zirkels came about after realizing that almost all blogging platforms do little or nothing to create sustainable income for the entrepreneurs and authors who create the content. Platforms like Google, Facebook and Medium thrive off the hard work of the users who diligently create the content while sharing only a tiny fraction of the earnings this content generates. Zirkels turns this concept on its head by transparently and openly splitting all rewards between authors, blog owners and users who support the platform.

Because the platform is ad-free, the incentive for creators is to publish quality content that their audience appreciates. Publishing low quality, click bait content on Zirkels makes no sense because users will not want to reward this type of content. Prior applications on the Deso blockchain have amply demonstrated that users are willing to give rewards for content they value.

While built using cutting-edge blockchain technology, the site is super simple to use. In one easy onboarding experience users create their accounts and Deso wallets and are ready to start publishing and earning money in under 2 minutes. Furthermore, all earnings can be easily converted into USD using major exchanges like Coinbase.

DeSo NoCode Institute has done something different compared to other businesses in the Blockchain Development space, by creating a hybrid on-chain/off-chain blogging platform that focuses entirely on making it super simple for enthusiastic communities to experience the power of web3 technology regardless of their level of cryptocurrency understanding or experience.

Zirkels will be released as part of DeSo NoCode Institute’s greater plans to revolutionize the process of implementing cutting edge blockchain applications that solve real world problems for real people. It’s hoped this goal will be fully achieved by the end of this year.

The DeSo NoCode Institute got its start when Founder Dennis H. Lewis noticed a growing need for an easier way for aspiring blockchain entrepreneurs to make their unique vision of the future come to fruition. With over 7 years prior experience in the blockchain development world, Dennis H. Lewis decided to go ahead and start this new project in 2021.

Dennis H. Lewis is quoted saying: “We can’t wait to see authors and creators of all levels of experience begin to earn life-changing amounts of sustainable income on Zirkels. As an entrepreneur I understand the power of cultivating a tribe of enthusiastic followers, and Zirkels is an amazing tool to help do just that.”

Zirkels is set to launch Monday, May 23rd. To find out more, visit

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