Mastering Your 5D Self – Maureen St. Germain’s follow-up to Waking Up in 5D

Maureen Saint Germain’s new companion text to the award-winning Waking Up in 5D from 2017 hits the shelves April 6, 2022 at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and local bookstores.

“Mastering Your 5D Self: Tools to Create a New Reality” deepens the connection to Source and to one’s divine self, supplying everything necessary to lift vibration from the lower 3rd dimension to the higher 5th dimension. These tools are available to all for support during the inevitable times of difficulty.

Readers gain insight into the 5th dimension, where joy is paramount. Everything, including what might be maddening, is funny.

The book reveals how people no longer need to “heal” emotional wounds to be fifth dimensional, and shares practices to transform and transmute emotions instantly.

One’s energy dictates their vibration. This means that being in 5D with the energy of thought, speech, and actions sets up a place where there are no tethers to the lower 3D vibrations.

Historically, spiritual traditions have often been carried out in a masculine way. “Mastering Your 5D Self” shows the cosmic balanced way of chakra activation, a tremendously empowering practice.

Designed to restore Original Programming at the soul level, the power to receive and transmit divine messages is expanded and enhanced through working with the pineal gland.

Saint Germain’s Ascension Portal is an active community of members with monthly online meetings and a free gift, for merely $11/month. The premier level for the more serious student of spiritual growth is the Ascension Institute at Saint Germain Mystery School. This year-long intensive with Maureen St. Germain offers destination retreats and extensive training in Higher Self Connection and 5D Mastery.

Those who purchase “Mastering Your 5D Self” by April 13, 2022 will receive 5 free downloadable meditations, including the Divine Feminine Spiral Chakra Meditation, the best energetic way to activate Chakras to hold male/female balance.

These meditations help clear out old emotional wounds, activate the pineal gland, manifest with crystals, discover and develop the sixth sense, and open to communication with higher intelligence.

This information can help people remember who they really are, and learn the ancient secrets to reuniting one’s conscious self with one’s true self.

Humanity is shifting into the fifth dimension, but this transformation from 3D to 5D will not be a linear process. Humanity’s evolution follows a sine wave, moving from ideal expressions back to old familiar ones then on to even higher ideal expressions.

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