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A potentially controversial article has been released about INVESTMENT DISCRIMINATION that could be a leading cause of withering or non-existent investment portfolios in society today, bringing some cause for concern. The article may upset disgruntled investors who are tired of being ripped off by the banks and wall street, losing money to absurd fees, and being spoon-fed bogus investments that were never geared for the investor to prosper. The reason, however, that tends to keep people up at night staring at the ceiling is the rising inflation and a dollar that is worth-less and losing ground every day, which is extremely alarming because there is essentially nothing that individuals can do about either of those things.

The 2700 word article examines the high points and low points of how anyone can take a crack at what is being called the investment of a lifetime and examines the details of a new opportunity that might be “the break” many have been waiting for. The kind of opportunity that has the potential to improve one’s financial well-being, especially for beginners over 50 who no longer have decades to make up for past investments that have gone wrong. In a somewhat unusual manner though, a certain element of the article is set to spark discontent amongst disgruntled investors.

Below is a portion of the piece which can be found here, that neatly exemplifies the controversial element:

Hey, Did You Know The General Population Is Too Stupid To Choose A Good Investment?

Writer of the article; Heather Farrell, says “Of course, the article was never intended to upset anybody. The aim of it is to let the world know that there is another real option that did not exist before today, that is to say, before Dan Hollings created The Plan. The truth is that 96% of the population doesn’t even know about the top investment opportunities that they are missing because our net worth is not high enough to grant us the privilege of even seeing and considering these top tier opportunities.” They have already been reserved and are only available to the top 4% of our society.

Does that sound insulting? Oh yeah, and frankly my dear “they” don’t give a damn! Now, for possibly the first time in history the playing field is completely leveled because anyone can invest in cryptocurrencies and for those who are going to take advantage of this golden opportunity – they had better know what they’re doing! That’s where Dan Hollings and The Plan come in.

This article about investment discrimination might unsettle people who are tired of getting only what’s leftover and stuck to the sides and bottom of the investment barrel, while the wealthiest among us and their advisors scoop all the cream right off the top before we even knew the cream existed.

Can you remember the first time you learned about the cream topper that used naturally settle on top of the old glass bottles full of rich whole milk that were hand-delivered to neighborhoods throughout the country? Now you know the same exists with super lucrative investments too, and someone else is scooping them all up before the bottle of milk is ever placed in front of people of average means.

Enter Dan Hollings creator of The Plan, the crypto trading training program that is taking the world by storm because it teaches everything one needs to know in order to invest in cryptocurrencies using what is quite possibly the lowest risk strategy that exists today. The Plan gives average people some control back in their life and an excellent chance to make life-changing profits with this ground floor opportunity.

Although there has been no backlash as of yet, the possibility exists as this article tends to upset people for two reasons: 1) folks get angry once they realize they have been a financial pawn to governments and banks for decades, and 2) learning that our governments and leaders intentionally write, endorse and pass policy that allows banks and financial institutions to rip off the unsuspecting, and trusting public.

Why would they do that? In many cases, it’s for a future favor because outright pay-offs are too hard to hide these days! Our blind trust is placed in the authorities who have had their proverbial fingers crossed behind their back the whole time.

Our greatest desire now with this article is to blast a foghorn that is impossible to ignore and let people know there is another legit option that can change their financial lives, their retirement, their kid’s education/opportunities, and help them improve their lifestyle today.

The powers that be will keep our arms twisted back in a hammerlock as long as we let them. Now it’s known that there is a legitimate, real, viable option within grasp. The question is will the people who are learning about this potentially life-changing knowledge utilize it?

It is hoped that any controversy will pass quickly, and it is re-emphasized that no offense is or was intended.

The complete article can be found at https://theplanbydanhollings.com/the-article

The official review of The Plan can be read here.

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