MODJL: Modular Backpack & Carrying Collection

Antwerp, Belgium, 2022 – Driven by a consumption economy, fast fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world because it uses cheap and dirty materials and questionable labor practices. In an era of environmental awareness, more and more consumers want products that have been created via an ethical and circular ecosystem. Consumers also want to express their individuality, and are look for unique design concepts that are minimalistic yet highly functional.  

MODJL is a Belgian brand that wants to give everyone the ability to show their personality to the world, in a creative and responsible way. By combining modern-day innovation and stylishness, it creates backpacks and carrying-item modules that give a wide array of possibilities that can accommodate every type of personality. Modularity plays a big part in their mission as well as the use and re-use of materials that they use in their unique minimalistic designs. With these goals in mind, they are introducing their first of its kind Modular Backpack and Carrying Collection. A backpack collection where smart design meets secure design.

The MODJL Modular Backpack Collection consists of 6 pieces which can be added, removed, mixed and matched for the perfect look and functionality. The Original Backpack, the Slim Pouch, the Big Pouch, the Container and the Loop. The MODJL Collection has an attachment system that works in a very unique way. With its combination of high-quality magnets and webbing loops, your favorite module remains perfectly in place no matter the design of choice. All attachments are readily tucked behind the back panel allowing the entire model attachment system secure against outside influences while keeping a clean look. Each unique module is cross-compatible making MODJL backpacks multifunctional for different situations. Whether for work, recreation or style, the MODJL bag is has 5 million plus combinations of looks and functionalities, all based on the needs of the user. The modules (except the Loop) come in 6 vibrant colors and are made out of high-quality recycled polyester for maximum durability and sustainability. The combination of color and modularity gives the MODJL Collection near endless possibilities.

MODJL was founded in 2019 by two like-minded individuals with a passion for fashion and innovation. The goal of their brand is to allow wearers to show their personality and express themselves through contemporary styling with minimalistic yet playful design. They are proud to be launching their first collection on Kickstarter and would like to offer the opportunity to get the first MODJL products at a great discount by visiting their Kickstarter page here:

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