How INTENTIONAL TRAINING(C) Works for Any Goal, No Matter How Ambitious

Dr. Tracy Thomas, the world’s first Emotional Scientist(C), renowned psychologist, and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of The Commitments: A Step-by-Step Guide to Personal Transformation explains how her company’s proprietary INTENTIONAL TRAINING(C) method has helped hundreds of clients achieve their most ambitious goals – even if they want to make $1 billion.

Dr. Tracy gives the example of a client who wanted to become a business mogul. “If you want to be a mogul, you have to be able to say the word ‘mogul,’” she explains. “You have to be able to have it live within you. Just the way that people who make a billion dollars talk about ‘a billion dollars.’”

Many people may get scared when they really start to embrace their goals, and old patterns and doubts may start to surface. “You have to have it conditioned for any parts of you that are rejecting it,” Dr. Tracy says. It’s also common for people to feel daunted because they don’t know exactly how they will achieve their desired goal. “You have to trust that when we train you for full intentionality through our INTENTIONAL TRAINING(C) method, that everything about the how will flow from being so immersed in your intentions that your creativity, productivity and materialization capacity will overflow with tractionable results.”

Transforming from lower-level emotional conditioning into full-scale intentional conditioning of your entire emotional infrastructure is a key part of the results we deliver at Dr. Tracy Inc. and why Dr. T’s INTENTIONAL TRAINING(C) programs are so effective. Dr. T and her team routinely work with influential, high-impact individuals to help them transform their reactive and distracting emotions into their highest intentions for life, by harnessing the potency of negative emotions into fuel for innovation and materialization of true wealth and success. “This is standard operating for us,” Dr. Tracy says.

Dr. Tracy, “Dr. T,” is a Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, an Award-Winning Psychologist, and The World’s First Emotional Scientist.

She specializes in helping leaders to stop reacting, lead with intention, and live out their most elevated life. Dr. T has trained top executives, celebrities, entrepreneurs to transform their emotions into millions, to create their most important innovations, and lead a legacy of intentionality that inspires others to do the same. Her second book, The Commitments- A Step By Step Guide To Personal Transformation skyrocketed to become a Wall Street Journal Best Seller, A Barnes and Noble Best Seller, and an Amazon Best Seller. She has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including the prestigious TED Talk program, Page Six, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Shape, Redbook, CBS, Yahoo Finance, Cheddar TV, and many more.

She is the CEO and founder of Dr. Tracy Inc.; a luxury transformation company that does custom transformations for individuals, couples, families and teams. Her transformation programs are designed specifically for high-level achievers, using her groundbreaking transformation technique (The Method(C) ) that goes beyond “coping techniques” and surface-level strategies. It’s the path to rapid intentional transformation and wealth.

You can learn more about Dr. Tracy at, where you can book a free consultation to assess your intentional capacity compared to what you’d like it to be, allowing you to get a highly valuable assessment of what it takes for you to become your most intentional self, putting distracting and impacting reactivity in the rear view mirror, and making focus, creativity, productivity and prosperity a way of existing for life.

Much more on how to prime yourself for the top level of success can be found in Dr. T’s best-selling books: The Method,, and The Commitments,

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