#Ethgate Questions for Bitboy Crypto The Supreme Leader of the XRP ARMY

Yo Bitboy Crypto

A Response from a Member of the XRP Army Community in the form of a few questions!

Bitboy Crypto runs the largest Crypto YouTube Channel. He recently had a segment on his YouTube Show, Bitboy Crypto, that featured Attorney John E Deaton as a guest.

The segment was covering #Ethgate, a scandal that could end up being, according to pundits, worse than Enron.

Ben Armstrong, aka Bitboy Crypto, did a great job explaining how he felt the sec was bad, but the Founders of Etherium played no part in the potential scandal.

Scott Powell with XRP ARMY NEWS said: “I am not a lawyer. Nothing here is to be taken as accusations in any way shape or form. Just asking questions and purely speculation. Seeking clarity”.

#Ethgate… it’s a problem. The details and who is responsible and if there were any criminal acts committed, still yet to be determined. It boils down to Rigorous Honesty and if people can see clearly between right and wrong. At times people have monetary investments that influence opinions.

A way to find out is to ask questions.

For starters BIG PROPS, RESPECT, Bitboy Crypto for having John E Deaton on the show. There were a few questions after watching the interview that inquiring minds want to know. Decided to ask a few questions and hope one day to get a sincere, thoughtful response from Mr Armstrong.

Question Number 1 is about Complicity. There are many brilliant attorney’s in the XRP ARMY Community. John E Deaton and Jeremy Hogan being two of them. Maybe at some point they will chime in on these questions.

People easily understand concepts using analogies. A person steals oranges in NC…drive to Atlanta and launders the oranges by selling them to another person. The second person bought the stolen goods. The second person then sold them to the retail buying public at a profit. Both profited. Both COMPLCIT?

The way Bitboy Crypto portrayed #Ethgate in his segment with attorney John E Deaton was the sec bad…the Etherium Founders not.

How about a person who knew about an illegal act…benefitted economically by being silent? That sound like rigorous honesty Ben Armstrong? Etherium Founder Joseph Lubin commented on VIDEO how to disguise their purchases so not to be seen as whales…anything wrong there?

What if a person knew a dirty deed was done? A person benefits from the dirty deed and does or says nothing. That the definition of being complicit in it’s purest form? Benefitting leaving plausible deniability as an excuse?

Lies of omission are still lies, right? George Orwell said, “lies of omission are the most powerful form of lie.” Adrienne Rick said, “lying is done with words, and also with silence.”

Question Number Two: Bitboy Cyrpto is what the Etherium Founders said, a problem?

Vitalik Buterin calls XRP a “..itcoin.” (source: Coingape By Prashant Jha Published December 22, 2020)

Ben Armstrong talked in the interview about the XRP ARMY, what the Community of XRP Retail Investors are known as, about the anger being felt towards Etherium and its Founders is better directed at the real bad actors, the sec. It is comments by Vitalik Buterin that give rise to the inflamed feelings of members of the XRP ARMY.

Then there is this Texas Bitcoin Conference 3/13/14: Ethereum Founder explains how he plans to get around US Regulations and do his PreSale. (source: cryptonews.com Sead FadilpaÅ¡iÄ? 04 Aug 2021)

“The team raised more than 31,000 BTC from the sale of ETH, around $18 million at the time.” (source cointelepgraph Vitalik Buterin: The man who co-created Ethereum article)

Believe ICO’s are illegal in the USA. “According to Recent comments from the SEC mean that cryptocurrency crowdsales are legal in the United States. ICOs, on the other hand, are fraught with risks if done incorrectly. Basically, Securities laws will apply to an ICO as they do to an IPO, but not to a crowdsale.” source: escapeartist.com july 6 2020 Crowdsale Or ICO, Which Is Legal In The United States? article)

The double standard Ben Armstrong is in part what raises the anger level of the XRP ARMY. Ripple Labs funded their Project with VC Capital and the Etherium Foundation did an ICO. Why did Ripple Labs end up being the Company sued? Why did the other get a “Free Pass.”

Double Standards a problem?

Lastly, the Etherium Founders attempt at Web 3.0. Seems the intention was to create a monopoly over ALL THE BLOCKCHAIN. Every Crypto Project would be built on the Etherium Blockchain. Like the internet is all using the https protocol.

Scott Powell with XRP ARMY NEWS commented, “Monopoly is a cool board game and all, but not for global implementation of the Blockchain. Thought the memo said decentralized.”

Ok Ben Armstrong…hope people can tell this has been a sincere and respectful response about opinions about everything #Ethgate…facts or conspiracy theories? Thanks to The Supreme Leader of the XRP ARMY!

Cool with that? RESPECT.

Just hope The Supreme Leader is cool with people in the XRP ARMY asking questions respectfully for clarification.

Bottom line…stand for something or fall for anything!

Some choose to fall on the sword of the TRUTH! Principles over Profit.

Take care, be safe! Keep trudging!

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