Allentown PA Sickle Cell Disease Carrier Screening For Recessive Genes Launched

With dozens of recessive traits understood by scientists today, it is important that couples understand the risks involved in conceiving a child – particularly if both of them are carriers of the same recessive gene. To help more people practice responsible parenting, Avrio Genetics announces that it has updated its carrier screening services.

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With the updated services, potential parents can determine if one or both of them carry a recessive gene that may be passed on to their children. Genetic disorders, while rare, are often incurable and potentially life-threatening.

One such example is Sickle Cell Disease, which is a group of disorders that affects the hemoglobin, the molecule in the red blood cells that delivers oxygen to cells throughout the body. Whereas healthy cells look like a sphere, those with Sickle Cell Disease have distorted red blood cells that look like a sickle.

While there are many factors involved in Sickle Cell Disease, the disorder is mostly genetic and manifests when two parents carry the same recessive gene. There is no cure for the disease and many with the condition need lifelong management plans.

One way to prevent the condition is through carrier screening. This is a responsible parenting style that determines the risks involved in conceiving a child. It is a simple test that assesses the chances that one’s child will physically manifest a disorder.

At Avrio Genetics, clients are assured of high-quality tests that are done discreetly and with complete confidentiality. The clinic offers two different carrier screening tests: genotyping and sequencing, which screen over 300 hereditary conditions.

Results are usually available after three weeks. The test should be offered to women considering pregnancy, regardless of ethnicity and family history. If a woman is found to be a carrier for a specific condition, carrier screening for her partner should be considered.

Those who wish to learn more are encouraged to contact the clinic directly. To practice social distancing, only a limited number of patients will be allowed inside the clinic at any given time.

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