Pipeline Network to raise USD 2 Million for accelerating crypto adoption in South East Asia region

Nama Resolve domain to a wallet address

Petaling Jaya, Selangor Apr 4, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Pipeline Network is to raise USD 2,000,000.00 via Equity Crowd Funding (“ECF”) to increase the adoption of crypto by users in the South East Asia region.


The Crypto space is highly fragmented and has a low UI/UX satisfaction score. It is very difficult for newbie users to ramp into crypto and participate in the ecosystem such as buying/selling NFTs.


Our product suites solve this by providing a seamless experience to everyone in crypto including users, developers, and financiers. It enables users to be able to participate in the crypto space within a few seconds. For developers, they are able to be in the crypto space and deploy products within a few days with the help of our API & database. We have twelve(12) products that are operational. These includes:

  • Nama – route domain to a wallet address. For example, pitchin.bft will resolve to 0x123.
  • Pasar NFT – marketplace for buying/selling/creating NFTs. Users are able to put their media on the blockchain.
  • Bayar – payment processor for crypto transactions. Businesses are able to accept any crypto and tokens via Bayar.
  • Jebat – A software platform that enables multi-signature wallets and execution of the wallet is through the customs process set by the users.
  • Wallet – A mobile and browser extension that enables users to interact with the blockchain.
  • Free Data Network – A network of 5G services offered to the general public where they can operate their own mini telco akin to the hotspot.
  • Hub – A web2 to web3 bridge enabling developers and users to use web3 in the normal web2 paradigm.
  • Chat – A chat application on mobile and desktop. A hybrid between Slack and Whatsapp but its identity is via web3 and it is fully decentralised.
  • Scan – Blockchain explorer where users are able to view and understand the information in a blockchain transaction including state changes and events emitted from the transaction.
  • Token Guardian – News platform covering both fungible and non-fungible tokens on the blockchain. Prominently functioning on websites and social media.
  • Firefox – Research agency specific to fungible and non-fungible tokens. Activities include aggregating, rating, and analysing token details and fundamentals of the token.
  • Simply – Enable social media users to sell NFTs within a single click. The users can get income from selling the NFTs.


We have more than 100,000 users aggregated across twelve products and our revenue is more than RM 4,000,000 and our profit is more than RM 2,000,000. We manage to ride on the crypto space rise due to Covid restrictions. We expect that Tiktok will be the new defining media that will assist us to grow our user base at a later stage.


For most B2C products, our target market is Gen Z and millennials, and geographically to be located in South East Asia. We are targeting this group because they are “meme” based and able to take action when organised in the right way. See wallstreetbets subreddit as an example of the meme generation forcing large funds to go bankrupt. Our customer acquisition plan is to enlarge our outreach programme but focus on Tiktok. We intend to become a meme and viral media factory and sway the meme generation to become our users.


We are in operating in the general crypto space and since the submarkets are highly fragmented and diverse, we will attempt to dissect based on the products. At the moment, we are holding less than 0.01% of the market share in the industry in terms of value even in the SEA region. We intend to capture just 0.1% of the market share in the SEA region in 2022 which translated to potential revenue of USD70 million. Our expansion plan is to utilise various micro-influencers in each of the specific geography and submarkets and create awareness and “softsell” i.e. when supporting the influencer, users can participate in the process by buying NFTs that have a minimum price of USD 0.01.

Our ASK:

We are planning to raise RM 5,000,000.00 or approximately USD 2,000,000.00 where RM 2,000,000.00 is RCPS with 9% dividend and RM 3,000,000.00 is ordinary share. Our expected valuation is RM 75,000,000.00 where our trailing P/E will be 37.5x.

The amount raised will be used for:

  • 30% or RM 1,500,00.00 for sales. Set up the sales team, operation, and incentives for the sales team.
  • 40% or RM 2,000,00.00 is for marketing purposes. Payment to micro-influencers and platform and advertisement spending.
  • 30% or RM 1,500,00.00 – Product development and upgrade @ hiring developers and analysts

What now?

Contact us at connect@pipeline.com.my and we will set an investment introduction session with you and your team. The investment is expected to close by July 2022. Do not wait, contact us now!

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+603-7620 9278


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